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Quartz Surfaces 

Delray Granite is stocking there own imported quartz line of 12 colors.   These 12 colors are offered at unbelievable level 1 quartz pricing.

Quartz countertops are man-made engineered stone countertops formed by combining 90-94% ground quartzite (a natural hard mineral) with 6-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard granite-like surface. The appearance depends on how the quartz is ground: coarsely ground quartz produces a flecked appearance, while finely ground quartz produces a smooth look. 

Breton, an Italian company, patented the process of forming solid surfaces from quartz and resins. Numerous companies such as Cosentino (Silestone), DuPont, Hanstone and others used Breton’s patent for their own type of quartz countertops.

Delray is a certified fabricator for a number different companies of quartz surfaces.  Each company coming with a range of product warranties ranging from 10-15 years.  Quartz surfaces are very durable & quartz resists staining or corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and most household cleaning products — so there's no need for periodic resealing of the surface. Quartz can be damaged by excessive heat and direct sun light, however, so homeowners should use trivets or heating pads.