Comparison chart based on our experiences, 1 (low) to 5 (high)


Granite vs. Quartz

Let Delray tell the tale 

With so many myths, perceptions and misleading information out there.  I ask you to please listen to the fabricator of both surfaces.  Delray will give the most unbiased opinion on the two to help you make your selection because we fabricate both.  Please don't listen to a "jack of all trades" contractor on the internet or a company marketing their product against other.  Listen to the people who cut, fabricate and install the product everyday and us!





Our take on the two products


When trying to decide which product is better; just remember the main differences in the two products is color.  Quartz has a more uniform pattern, it's a more of a solid color with little to no movement in the slab.  For designers, it's a simple look not busy.  Granite on the other hand has the "wow" factor, the statement piece if you will.  There is no way to duplicate the beauty of natural stone.  Quartz companies have been trying to compete with the look of natural stones  beauty.  People will say "granite has too much maintenance", which is wrong.  If you choose  the lifetime sealer, granite comes with a lifetime warranty against staining. 

When choosing, choose for color.  Granite and Quartz are the two best products on the market and are really very similar.




"Granite  produces radon and Is a hazard to your health"


"Health Canada completed a study in February 2010 of 33 types of granite commonly purchased in Canada and none were found to have significant levels of radon."

- Health Canada Website


Scratch resistance4421, easily repaired
Heat resistance4545
Stain resistance5, non porous


5 with Lifetime sealer

15, non porous

Sunlight damage

1, quartz will fade in direct sunlight445
Seam visibility5, consistent pattern makes an easy color match 444
Maintenance542, 2, mineral oil
Color options3, Uniform, limited5, Unlimited and stunning 4, soft, gentle 1, mostly dark green
Chip resistance4422
Repairable14, easy to repair35
Return on Investment3, high price and less "wow"533
Resistance to Chemicals4414
Strength & Durability5422
Slab Size (ability to make counters in one piece)3534
Warranty10-15 years