4. Fabrication


Delray Granite has invested in the very best machinery in the industry.  We take our drawing from our digital template to our fabrication facility and begin work on your slabs.  Delray Granite does all the extra when it comes to fabricating.  Our CNC is capable of any shape or design you are looking to achieve.   


We are proud to say that we install the best quality product and workmanship around because of the machinery we use.

Delray Granite offers different finishes on the surface of your materials: polished leathered and honed all done in house.

3. Templating


Once you have received your quote, made your selections and your cabinets bases are fully installed, you are ready for Templating.  Our on site professional will take a digital template of you kitchen.  The LT 55 Laser Templator System draws an engineers drawing to an AutoCAD file.  It detects when walls are not square, Detects bows in drywall and allows our machinery to scribe the piece to fit the drywall perfectly.
A major advantage of our measuring system is we can take the measurements with the existing counter top on (in place), most companies will require you to remove an existing counter top before measuring leaving you with out a kitchen for the time of the fabrication period.

1. Submit plans


One of the first step is submit plans or a rough sketch of your project layout with dimensions.  At this point, you may receive a quote based on your drawing of all the price levels of natural stone and quartz.  At this stage, it is great to visit our showroom and slab facility to begin the color selection stage.

2. Selecting your slabs


This is the most exciting stage of your new counter top from Delray.  Granite slabs are the back bone of the industry and will shock and amaze you with their beauty.  With over 400 slabs (of 1-1/4`` thick) in stock stored in our 5600sq ft. warehouse, you are able to select your material here and have the option of slab layout to get the slab cut the way you would like.  We carry the slabs in stock at Delray to save our customers the trip to Toronto to select granite.  The fact that granite slabs are different, it is imperative to select your granite or you run the risk of not knowing what will be installed in your kitchen.  This is Delray`s advantage over anybody else in our area.  At the stage, it is important to have your edges, faucet, stove and sink selected.

5. Installation

The exciting part of the whole process; your new granite or quartz countertops installed by the professionals.  Get ready to show your friends and family how beautiful your new kitchen has become.

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