Porcelian Vanity Sinks 

Soapstone Sinks

At Delray, we can build you a custom soapstone apron/farm style sink.  Soapstone is very soft and can be curved to create a slope so the sink will drain correctly.  Soapstone is non-porous meaning water will not seep into the stone.



In our experiences with installing over 3000 kitchens, we find that the best sink in the business is Blanco.  We carry the full line of Blanco sinks offering you the best sink in the business:


When clean your counter top remember to use a neutral cleaner to clean the surface.  soap and water is neutral.  Do not use Windex or Lysol on your surfaces, these product will harm your surface and dull the finish.  DuPont revitalizer cleaner is the best cleaner to use to bring up the shine and color on your surfaces.



All standard installations of granite & marble surfaces are sealed with or DuPont Bulletproof 3-5 year sealer.  Quartz and Soapstone surfaces do not require sealer as they are non porous.  There is however a zero maintenance method for granite.  Lifetime sealer with a 20 year warranty against staining is an option for Delray customers.  With the lifetime sealer, it takes away the worry some customers have with maintenance.  Don't be talked out of using granite as your counter top surface, the lifetime sealer is here to take the worry of sealing and maintenance away.


Selecting your profile


There are a number of different options of edge profiles that are included in your quote from Delray.  All edges are the same cost it is just a preference choice for the customer as to what edge they select. 


In the granite & quartz industry, there are two different thicknesses of slabs: 2cm (3/4") and 3cm (1-1/4").  3cm is the most durable thickness and 90% of the slabs Delray stocks is 3cm (1-1/4").   Some edges are a little more prone to chipping than others.  The    T profile & ogee are more prone because of the sharper edges at the surface.  In a rare cases, when chips do occur they are easily repairable.  


Laminated edges are two thicknesses of the material stacked together to allow the material to appear it is thick than it is.  2cm + 2cm + 2cm = 4cm and 3cm + 3cm = 6cm.

Square - 20"x15"


Oval 17"x14"